Thursday, August 30, 2007

Bill Richardson: Climbing, With a Golden Opportunity

David Yepsen is one of Iowa's most respected political writers, and he sees Bill Richardson on the rise in Iowa.

In fact, Yepsen hits on a golden opportunity for the Gov. Right now, the Top Three are all having troubles of their own. Hillary Clinton's electability is coming into question and that appears to be an issue that won't go away soon. Barack Obama's experience is, likewise, being examined by Iowa voters, and John Edwards suddenly seems, to a lot of voters, like a too-angry-for-primetime kind of candidate. There's a window of opportunity that is wide open right *now* for Bill Richardson. I hope he seizes the moment.

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Saturday Bill Richardson Roundup

Rather than do separate posts for each of these articles, I'll give you a quick hit and run on the last few days of Bill-Richardson-related news.

The Prez on the Rez forum on Native American issues attracted only one top-tier Dem: Bill Richardson. It's great to see the Gov try to broaden his base of support in many different communities across the country. Here's another take on the same forum.

Then, on the same theme of expanding his base of support, Governor Richardson announced a new outreach program to attract Hispanic voters.

Moreover, the Gov's new book, Leading By Example, is getting rave reviews for its forward-thinking take on energy policy.

Meanwhile, Bill Richardson was not kidding when he said recently that he was amping up his Nevada operations. This past week, he was in Nevada, courting votes there at a forum with Joe Biden.

Finally, a reader at the Washington Blade has sounded off in support of the Gov.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

"A Master Lesson In Political Debating"

That's what Deborah White, a writer at, calls Bill Richardson's most recent debate performance. Read about it here. "Richardson rallied," she writes.

Monday, August 20, 2007

And the Winner Is....

...Bill Richardson! In yesterday's post, I noted that Reason magazine had declared the Gov to have been one of the winners of yesterday's Dem debate, and that Washington Post columnist Chris Cillizza had nice things to say about some of BR's performance. Well, now Cillizza's latest column declares Bill Richardson to have been the winner of yesterday's debate, along with Barack Obama. That's high praise, indeed. Cillizza has been tough on the Gov in the past.

Meanwhile, the Santa Fe New Mexican says the Gov "brought his A game" to this debate.

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Not Bad, Governor...Not Bad At All

You might have missed it; I know I almost did but at the last minute I happened to notice that George Stephanopolous was moderating an "official" DNC-sanctioned debate this morning with the eight Dem candidates.

I have told you in the past that, with one exception, I have not been overly impressed with the Gov's performance in the debates so far. He has been, generally speaking, OK. But "OK" is not going to cut it when trying to move up high enough in the polls to challenge for the lead. He has also occasionally been less than "OK," and I've been disappointed by that because I know he is capable of so much more. Which brings us to today....

And he was good, even great at times. More than ever, he made it crystal clear that his plan is the most urgent to bring *all* of the troops home from Iraq as soon as possible. He was not perfect, but far more noteworthy political analysts than myself thought he did very well for himself. Over at Reason magazine, they say Bill Richardson and Hillary Clinton won today.
Meanwhile, at the Washington Post, Chris Cillizza, who has been rough on the Gov's past debate performances, gave him high marks for distinguishing himself well on his Iraq position.

Good on ya, Gov. Here's to doing even better next time, and the time after that....This campaign is still on the move and there's still plenty of time to win.

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Bill Richardson Is Working Hard on Issues That Matter

The Gov just penned a great letter to President Bush urging him to stop the madness of federally prosecuting folks who are using medical marijuana in states where it's approved (like New Mexico, thanks to Governor Richardson. Read about it here.

Then, in a move certain to distinguish him from many in the area of fiscal conservatism/responsibility, Bill Richardson unveiled a detailed economic plan designed to drastically reduce the federal budget deficit that Mr. Bush has blown through the roof.

Also, in a reaction to the news that John Edwards' campaign appears to be scaling down its Nevada operations, Governor Richardson has redoubled his efforts to win that early battle for the nomination.

You know, a few months back, Governor Richardson said he would "outwork them all," referring to how he would defeat his better-funded rivals for the nomination. He really seems to be giving it his best shot. Now what we need is some seriously great debate performances to round out what is otherwise a stellar effort. Go Bill!

More Newspaper Columnists Are Big On Bill Richardson

Here's a nice tribute to the Gov from the editorial page of the Greensboro, NC News Record. It's good to see our friends in the South stepping up to the plate for Bill Richardson. Likewise, here's a nice piece in the Washington Post by William Arkin touting the Gov's obviously superior qualifications for the job. It's Called "The Man Who Should (But Won't Be) King" and its only bad point is its pessimism over BR's chances. It's still early, Mr. Arkin, but thanks for the kind words.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Let's Get This Bickering Over With Quickly, OK?

Yes, the Gov blew that question at the GLBT forum on whether homosexuality is a choice, but for crying out loud, people, does anyone who is familiar with his record on GLBT issues really think Bill Richardson is anything other than the *best* of the top four Dems on these types of issues? His post-forum apologies/clarifications are well-documented elsewhere, but here's a clip, from the campaign website, quoting Massachusetts Congressman Barney Frank on why Bill Richardson has been a leader regarding issues of liberty/freedom for GLBT folks, and a video clip of some New Mexicans who back up Frank's statement. Can we move on now?

Richardson on Universal Health Care

Here's a Washington Post article giving the Gov his due on the issue.

Two New Bill Richardson TV Ads

Check 'em out here.

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

An Interview With Bill Richardson on Energy Independence

From it out here. Lots of detail about his plan, which has been hailed by the Sierra Club and other environmental organizations as the boldest, best environmental/energy strategy of the major candidates.

BTW, later today, in Iowa, the Gov will unveil his heathcare plan in detail.

Saturday, August 4, 2007

Richardson On Energy, and a Chance to Vote

For a nice side-by-side comparison of the Dem energy plans, and a chance to vote for the one you like the best (that would BR's :)) go to Daily Kos' page on the subject. Thanks to Carolyn for the link.

Thursday, August 2, 2007

"The Fourth Man" Is the Only Candidate On the Move Everywhere

With a woman in the top four for the Dem nomination, perhaps, "The Fourth Man" wasn't the best title for this article from The Economist. But you get the point....Richardson is getting noticed, even in the UK press for the fact that he is the only Dem candidate consistently moving up in all state polls, as well as the one with the most appeal to independents. That translates to electability.